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Here you can access the three main areas of my professional life, hence it being “the home of the healing, warrior and creative arts”.

Seido is a Japanese word meaning the correct or proper way. Sei=correct do= way. The guiding philosophy for me in life is living the correct or proper way, to walk the path of awareness, compassion and appropriate action.


Seido Bio-energy Therapy is a powerful methodology within the field of Energy Medicine.These techniques have been shown to relieve and alleviate physical symptoms, balance mental and emotional states leading to a sense of well-being. Seido Bio-energy Therapy is a system for balancing and restoring energies in the body as well as complementing other approaches to medical care.

about 1This system is a hands-on process of mobilizing and directing the flow of energy from the practitioner to the client in order to stimulate, re-balance, relieve congestion, and accelerate the body’s natural healing responses. The practitioner utilizes a variety of methods to ascertain the energetic condition of the client and calls upon a vast array of techniques and tools to not only bring the body back into balance, but with specific focus and very deep intense work, powerful healing occurs.

Since 1988 I have been working in this field of Energy Medicine. I returned to school to get my post graduate degree in Psychology in the early 1990’s to offer more to my clients in the way of whole body treatment. After many requests for learning this work, I developed a certification course with 4 levels of study. You can read more under the Bio Energy tab.


Both arts are of Japanese origin. Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is the umbrella for 9 old schools of Japanese arts inherited by Hatsumi Masaaki, the about 2current grandmaster. You will find a short read on its history and philosophy. Links to Kunoichi information, as well as blogs and outside information are listed. Check out the photo galleries also. Albums covering various seminars, workshops and Japan trips are shown here. Images of Soke Hatsumi can be found in the Photography section. The DVD clips are entertaining, have a peek!

Enbukan is the umbrella for several schools of martial tradition, including battojutsu, the study of the sword. These systems are taught by Machida Kenshinsai, 2nd grandmaster. Enshin Itto Ryu school of Battojutsu is the sword art of the Machida family. Soke Machida teaches in addition to the sword schools, Takeda-ha Aikijutsu, Bojutsu and others. My interest and training is solely in the sword schools. Currently Machida Takeshi, So-Shihan, the next in line grandmaster and his son, handles most of the teaching and traveling these days.

I have been training in martial arts since 1989, and teaching for over 20 years.


I began my study of Photography in 2002, went professional in 2007 and consider Photography a deep passion, incorporating it in all areas of my about 3life. My camera is always at the ready. In the photography gallery you will find a wide variety of images, from Travel, Landscapes, Fine Art, Abstracts, to street scenes and of course the grandmasters of both Bujinkan and Enbukan. All images are available for print and download. After resettling in the US, Tampa Bay, FL based, I am specializing in and offering services for sports and sporting events/competitions, as well as real estate photography. You can find more here. All my images can be found under the photography link.

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