In 2013, August 2013

Kunoichi Taikai Announcement

Some of you on Facebook may have noticed an announcement of the organization of another Kunoichi Taikai to be held in 2015, in San Francisco, California, USA. This is being organized by Rebecca Kidder and Laurie Jeanne. I am very happy to share the news. Please note… men AND women are attending!! So there is no confusion please. For an overview of the event, go to the Kunoichi Website. Details will be forthcoming as organization takes place. The site will be changing as details emerge. So stayed tuned.

There is a very short survey Rebecca asks you to take, to help her with the interest and accommodations of the Taikai. Please take a moment to help out here. You can also email her if you have language skills to help translate some website pages.

Photos News

Now I am settled in my new life, and am working on the Japan Taikai Soke photos. Look for an announcement soon. Thanks for your patience.