What it is

Seido Bio-energy Therapy is a powerful methodology within the field of Energy Medicine. Energy medicine is an art and science of working with the body’s energies for prevention of illness, correcting imbalances in the energy systems to restore well-being, reduce stress, alleviate anxiety, and stimulate and accelerate the body’s natural healing processes. Subtle energy fields have long been recognized by eastern cultures. Only recently are they being detected and studied by western researchers. These studies and subsequent development of energy therapies are transforming health care, and impacting lives dramatically.

Seido (sei=correct, proper; do=way) techniques have been shown to relieve and alleviate physical symptoms, balance mental and emotional states leading to a sense of well -being. Seido Bio-energy Therapy is a system for balancing and restoring energies in the body as well as complementing other approaches to medical care.

This system is a hands-on process of mobilizing and directing the flow of energy from the practitioner to the client in order to stimulate, re-balance, relieve congestion, and accelerate the body’s natural healing responses. The practitioner utilizes a variety of techniques to ascertain the energetic condition of the client, call upon a vast array of techniques and tools to not only bring the body back into balance, but with specific focus and very deep intense work, powerful healing occurs.