‘I received my certificate for 200 hours of ‘hands-on’ experience upon completion of the Seido Bio-Energy Certification Course in September, 2006. I use the theories and manual techniques taught in the classes on an almost daily basis in my work in the medical field. More than just learning about and becoming open to a whole new world of energy and health, I have learned more about myself and how integral the human touch is to healing myself and my clients. As I practice the techniques more and more, my skill levels are deepening and my sensitivities and intuitions are increasing. I have found that my clients are more comfortable and I feel less ‘taxed’ when I incorporate my energy skills with the manual techniques taught in ‘traditional’ programs found in universities and colleges. I recommend the Seido Bio-Energy Certification Courses to anyone who wants to further their own personal and professional growth.’

Penny Fong, Physical Therapy Assistant

‘After completing level one of the Seido Bio Energy course, I was truly surprised at the effectiveness of the techniques and my own personal changes as a therapist. What looked simple and basic from the outside has turned out to be quite effective and profound. The class itself was energizing and eye opening. I was given permission to explore areas of intuition and get in touch with different ways of sensing. I was inspired to continue studying and develop more skills. Half way through the practice hours, my work as a massage therapist began to change. My clients were reporting increased energy, decreased pain and a general sense of well being beyond what they had experienced with basic massage. My friend who had undergone a total of 14 back surgeries to remove benign tumors was in constant pain. After working on him, he had no back pain the next day and didn’t need any pain medication. For him, it was a miracle to feel “normal” and pain free. I feel relaxed and at ease when I do this work, getting more done with less physical effort. I look forward to continuing through the levels and expanding my abilities in this fascinating area. I recommend this course and Sheila’s expert instruction to anyone who is interested in energywork and the healing arts.’

Carolynn Schaut, MA, CMT

‘Learning the first level of Seido has contributed to a deeper understanding of the human body in my work in physical therapy. Application of these techniques has shown increased healing rates and comfort in patients many times over. On a personal level, I am more aware of my own energy and often use the techniques to bring relaxation to loved ones and myself.’

Penny Fong, Physical Therapy Assistant