In 2016, July 2016

So I thought I would write about Death Valley, but decided to give you a very brief over view of some of the things we did in Ghana along with pictures. I won’t go into a lot of detail since I’ll be presenting my writings as soon as it is past the revision stage. You can view well over 100 images on my site here.

We did a bit of sightseeing in the capital Accra. There we visited the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park and had a wonderful history less on the country and it’s early leaders. He was the first president and one of the founding fathers, helping to liberate Ghana from colonial rule and established the country of Ghana in 1957. It became the first sub-saharan African nation to declare independence. Here are a couple images from there.



Also in Accra, we visited the local market, which twists and turns, is colorful and lots of bargaining going on.


Accra Market


Backside of Accra Market, with a soccer/football game going on the right.


We had a long drive via various means of transport to Cape Coast, visiting Elmina Castle, a former slave fort, Kakum National Forest and had lunch in a cafe overlooking the beach.

Taking a tour of the castle was intense, sad, enlightening and unspeakable what man can do to man.


Pano of Elmina Castle


“White mans beach”, the one the slaves had to walk across from dungeon to ship.



Plaque on Elmina Castle

The Kakum National Forest is more jungle like, very dense vegetation with some extremely tall trees interspersed. There are 7 rope bridges attached to some of these trees, which we traversed across, high above the vegetation and in among the tops of the trees, swinging along. Let’s just say if you have motion sickness or fear of heights, this is not for you 🙂

_8SH1771 _8SH1780


Here are some views taken from outside the castle and the cafe

_8SH1746 _8109367


Views taken from the car as we drove along various locations…



Watching traffic as bumper to bumper drove through the village because the main road was blocked.


Mighty thirsty, grab a water bag while sitting in traffic. Or food too.


Coconuts anyone?


The bumper to bumper traffic through the village.


Gillian and I took evening walks in the neighborhood, saying hello to the neighbors who would sit outside and cool off in the evening breeze…and the local market.Tema is the town the NGO American Relief Center is located, Community 9 is the neighborhood.


Roasting corn to later grind for flour.


Mixing a root to cook, wrap in banana leaf. One of the staples like we eat bread or potatoes.


Have your chickens and eggs across from your front door.


Tema market.


The happiness spot around the corner from our place 🙂


The not shy local kids.