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Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu is the umbrella for 9 old schools of Japanese arts inherited by Hatsumi Masaaki . You will find a short read on its history and philosophy. A schedule of instruction and links to more information are listed as well. Check out the photo gallery. Photo albums covering various seminars, workshops and Japan trips are shown here. The DVD clips are entertaining, have a peek!

Enbukan is the umbrella for several schools of martial tradition, including battojutsu, the study of the sword. These systems are taught by Machida Kenshinsai. Enshin Itto Ryu school of Battojutsu is the sword art of the Machida family.

There are a number of Women’s Self Protection Programs available, and any can be customized to meet a target audience. Check out the testimonials and read up on what might interest you.

Check out the News periodically. It is updated every couple of weeks sometimes monthly, depending on events. Peruse the site and enjoy!