In 2014, August 2014

I have completed and uploaded to the iBookstore, the photo book from the Bujinkan Daikomyosai 2012 event held in Shimizu Koen,Japan. This is a book containing 1920 images of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi teaching, as well as 354 images of the participants demonstrating their skills. All images are in interactive slideshow format, tapping and swiping gives you beautiful, vibrant, clear, full screen images. You will want to add this to your collection. There is no where else to get this many images of the event!

This is now the 3rd book produced with more on the way. I continue to work on the Android versions, and will let you know when they are available. But do check this one out. The photos really are beautiful, and in some cases, you can swipe quickly through and see a technique in motion. The last album of the book contains all the buyu demonstrations. If you attended this event, you might want to get this one.

You can go here for purchase information.

Thanks again for reading, your support, and hopefully, spreading the word!

Photo Book Cover

Photo Book Cover