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DKMS 2011 Albums Posted

I have finished 4 more albums and am up to date on my martial art photography. You can view 3 albums from the DKMS 2011. Links are below and open in a new window.

DKMS Day 1

DKMS Day 2

DKMS Day 3

I have also uploaded photos from a Nagato training class in Hombu dojo. You can view and download these if interested!

Nagato Shihan Album

and a just for fun and show… of Soke…

comments are welcome!!

Just a reminder, all Buyu gallery photos are available for download by right clicking any of them.

All Soke images on smugmug are available for purchase. When you put a photo in a cart, you have many options for either printing or for a one time web use license. If you do enjoy all the photos available, I hope you will support my time and efforts by purchasing those you like. With all the options available and the ease of use to purchase, I hope to have made it easy for you.

Thanks for taking a look. And most of all, I hope you enjoy.