In 2014, July 2014

So much taking place, and so much time going by. It’s July and I have some news to share.

First, I am so happy and excited to be hosting my good friend Alex Esteve from Barcelona, Spain here for a one day seminar in October. Alex has taken on a lot of projects, has committed himself to tremendous learning opportunities, and is moving along at lightening speed. I am very inspired by him, his growing knowledge, (he is a sponge) and his excellent manner of passing that knowledge on. He teaches in a number of areas, on a variety of topics that he has become an expert in. I hope that many of you will take advantage of his being here, to hear him share about the science of forensics in relation to attacks on the body, and how this ties in with the teachings of Soke Hatsumi. It will be a fascinating day, I know. You can download the flyer and read in detail about it here. You can register here. Please do share with others. I would love to have a full room for him!


I will share my Photography News in my next post.

Thanks for stopping by!


Alex in Action