Enbukan Battojutsu

Enbukan is an umbrella for several koryu (old) schools of Japanese martial traditions, including Enshin Itto Ryu school of Battojutsu, the sword art of the Machida family. The Enbukan is the formal organization which contains many of the koryu / kobujutsu offered to general students.

The arts of the Enbukan are kept as individual koryu taught alongside each other in their original formats. The system has a strong focus on classical Japanese swordsmanship which includes:

  • Enshin Itto Ryu Battojutsu
  • Jigen Ryu Battojutsu
  • Muso Shinden Fudo Ikken Ryu Battojutsu
  • Nen Ryu Battojutsu
  • Mugai Ryu Battojutsu

Enbukan training is not widely available outside Japan. There is a relatively small number of Enbukan Dojo and many of these Dojo are run by jikideshi (direct disciples) of Machida Kenshinsai, Soke. Unlike martial arts organizations which are made up of multiple ryuha (schools), many of these Enbukan Dojo do not teach every ryuha of the Enbukan. Students of the Enbukan are separately licensed to teach individual schools.

Most of the Enbukan schools outside of Japan, teach the sword schools of the Enbukan. These sword schools, characterized by an emphasis on the application of drawing (nukiuchi), cutting (giri), and returning the sword to its saya or sheath (noto), are called Battojutsu. Sword training in the Enbukan emphasizes application and correct understanding of the historical principles of the school, as well as the esoteric or spiritual elements that come with long-term training.