The Machida clan served under the Tokugawa Shogunate and are a respected Samurai family. On the maternal side, the Tagyu Clan has served under the Aizu Clan. After being defeated in the Saccho Aizu Boshin War, the predecessors of the Machida Clan fled to Hitachinaka (modern Ibaragi prefecture) Sukegawa and developed Bugei Ryu Sogo Budo, his system of classical Japanese martial arts, now known as the Enbukan.

Machida Kenshinsai, Sensei, together with his son Machida Takeshi, Soshihan (master and successor), run The Enbukan World Organization in Nodashi, Japan. Kancho, as he likes to be called, is Soke of many of these schools and holds the rank of menkyo kaiden in those that he is not. The Enbukan schools are hereditary and were passed to Machida Kancho by his father.

Machida Takeshi, Soshihan, trains, teaches, and functions as the senior instructor of the Enbukan and is dedicated to teaching and training in the traditional koryu methods of budo (martial way). The emphasis is to accurately pass on the realistic and practical traditions of budo.
Machida Kancho, is also a Shingon Priest and Machida Takeshi, Soshihan, is in training.