Although sword fighting is no longer practiced today, the principles of swordfighting apply in our everyday life, in addition to enhancing and providing an underpinning for any other martial art we may study.

The focus in battojutsu is to address directly what is needed, to use utmost precision and speed; the practice of cutting straight and cutting fast. Awareness is heightened, skills are honed through kata, partner practice and tameshigiri (target cutting). The necessity of balance, posture and positioning become obvious. Emphasis is placed on extremely quick draw (nukiuchi), cutting (giri), and sheathing (noto). Sword training in the Enbukan emphasizes application and correct understanding of the historical principles of the school, as well as the esoteric or spiritual elements that come with long-term training.

The philosophy is one of experiencing the sword as one with the self, an extension of the body – mind. The development of spirit is critical in the uniting of body and mind to achieve accuracy of intention, projection of energy, unification with the center and the deep will to survive.