In 2015, July 2015

Uploaded and ready are 712 images taken from the Enbukan Sword Seminar in Dachau, Germany May of this year. The seminar was organized and hosted by Joerg and Christine Sedler. Instructor was So-shihan Takeshi Machita, son of Soke Machita of the Enbukan style of martial arts. Day One contains 469 images and Day Two has 243. I have it set up that you can download low resolution images for free. They are 1 mb.  The 3 mb images downloaded are 1.00 ($ or €). I have 2 “videos” which consist of a series of images put together and they can be downloaded for 1.50. Just choose what you want, add to cart and check out. If they are free you given instructions, if they are to be paid for, you proceed to the check out section. Pretty straight forward.

You can find them here.

In addition, you will find the 2 previous years seminar photos when you click on Enbukan from within that page.