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The Final Kunoichi Project Canada…

followed by a 2 day Bujinkan Seminar taught by Gillian Booth, Cathy Lewis and myself in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

So you wonder what this is about? The final one? What about the previous ones?
A little history here is in order. Several years ago I began documenting kunoichi training around the world. Mike Smith from the Sunshine Coast (great name, isn’t it) BC, Canada had the idea to create outdoor training for the kunoichi and I did the photography (participated as well) and ended the week with a Bujinkan seminar open for all. We continued this over the years, with week long training through all the seasons.

I put together a book for Soke as a gift for this last Kunoichi Taikai Japan. The book is filled with images of kunoichi training throughout the world, and in all seasons. I decided that I didn’t want to publish this book, or have it printed myself and absorb all the cost, which I can’t. Since movement is towards e-books, I had the idea of adding some video clips to the e-book experience. And that is the plan for this final week. I will be taking video as well as images to add to the book, for it’s final publication, both in print (minus video) and e-book version.

Currently, anyone can order the book in print as is the one I gave Soke. This is available from Blurb, a print on demand company. The book is not priced for profit, as it is already expensive as a one off. But it is large size with a few hundred images. You can view or purchase it here. In addition, there is the current e-book available inexpensively, minus the video. Also available here. The pictures look fantastic on a tablet :-).

So, here we are. This current project, and my last, will be held September 17-20th, 2013. The 21-22nd is a Bujinkan seminar open for all, with all three of the kunoichi Shihan instructing. That will be at Whytecliffe Park, Horsehoe Bay, Vancouver.  All activities take place outdoors on the beautiful coast of British Columbia. We already have quite a number of women interested, and space is limited. For further information (website) contact Mike Smith via this website.

Enticing Images from Previous Kunoichi Weeks…

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