In 2013, September 2013

Purchase the Kunoichi Taikai Japan DVD

Check out the event on DVD! Quest Video did a great job, as always, capturing this historic event. If you were there, you can revisit the teachings of Soke. If you missed it, here is your chance to get a sense of the atmosphere, the techniques, and to see many kunoichi demonstrating. It is very well done and highly recommended. (no, I am not getting kickbacks or any profits from this :). Just passing the word along.

Depending on where you live, here are some links for ordering:

More Japan Training Photos Online

First, I have moved my photography site to another location. If you have bookmarked the old one (smugmug), please change to this one. The old one will be available only until Oct. 1, and is not up to date with the new albums.

There are 4 albums of images from Hombu dojo training, and 2 from Ayase. You can find them here along with the Kunoichi Taikai Galleries.All Bujinkan Photos are here.

Off to BC Canada

Next week I am off to British Columbia, Canada for the final Kunoichi Project. I am excited and honored to share the week with Cathy Lewis and Gillian Booth, 2 powerful and beautiful women. The week’s outdoor training is led by Mike Smith, and the 3 of us women will teach a Bujinkan seminar on the weekend. You can find more info here. Women from all over the world are attending, there are a few openings left for the week. The weekend seminar is open to all. Look forward to seeing some of you there!!

The follow up to this project will be an ebook, with an accumulation of images from seminars, workshops, and 5 of the kunoichi project weeks, taken in all seasons. There will also be video clips added to the book. I’ll keep you posted.