In 2013, April 2013

3 Albums Available for Viewing!!

3 Albums now available from the Kunoichi Taikai. Images are from the buyu; women, men and some from Soke. The 3rd album contains images from the Ayase dojo pre-training and many images from the party entertainment.
They can be viewed here, on the Bujinkan Photogallery of my website.
Just a reminder, you can right click and download any image you wish from these albums. Look closely at the techniques, and look at the expressions of those around. It gives you an idea of what is really taking place 🙂
I do not, as of yet, have any images of Soke processed or posted from the Taikai. And when they are ready, they are always be available for viewing, or purchase as prints, posters, canvas etc, and for small megabyte download license on this site. In addition, I have many of my other images, from travel, landscapes and fine arts posted there as well. You are always welcome to look around, and feel free to leave comments and feedback. I appreciate hearing from you.

Here are some sample images from the Kunoichi Taikai……Enjoy!!

I don’t think they really need explanation!!!

Below are some from the party….

Who’s having fun???
Beltin’ out the tune!!