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Kunoichi Taikai Update!!

Small Date and Location Change!

News from Japan. Due to complicating circumstances, the date for the Taikai has changed by 1 day. The event will now be held on Friday and Saturday, March 22nd and 23rd. Unlike the above banner (which is in the process of being changed), so please make note.

The new and fixed location now is the Budokan in Ayase, the very same (wonderful matted area) of many DKMS and Soke’s Tuesday classes.

Agenda: Soke has said he will show us the techniques he learned from Takamatsu Sensei as well as focusing on strategy and intuition, which he feels women already have quite developed.  He wants us to make more use of it in our training. Of course the event is open for men, and we hope we have a good showing of male buyu who are interested in Takamatsu’s teachings, as well as Soke’s. (and no, we do not need you for “punching bags” but rather enjoy the training and learning together) A good opportunity to learn/experience the “In/Yin” side of Bujinkan training. Think of it as a rounding out of our taijutsu :-).

Times: Friday and Saturday training times: 10-12 and 14:00-16:00 (2-4pm)
Cost: 14,000 yen for both days, to be paid only at the door. No prepayments are taken.

Please be sure to check the Bujinkan Kunoichi website for continuous updates.

Next Post…

will talk more about the Photobiography book of Hatsumi Soke, show some pictures of the making of… and explain to those of you who wonder/comment on the cost of the book. Stay tuned…