In 2015, March 2015

I have many photos I took of Soke Hatsumi on my last trip, and chose many to post here on this site for free downloads. Everyone loves free, right? I also have others available on the professional site for purchase at minimal charge.

I chose some to look at there, as I found them interesting to analyze what is taking place, and also when I happen to catch a nice sequence to use for study. See the caption under each image. It’s my take on what I saw and felt. Leave comments if you like. Thanks for looking.


You know its not looking good….


Thumb placement of Soke’s is gently and softly lying in wait….


There it is, massive pain…


No escape, the kind that takes your whole mind therefore your body, there is no thinking, only paralysis.


Releases the point of pain and reaction is relief and to back away from what just happened (the pain).


Soke allows this and there is no sense of what he will do next.


Taking reaction of Uke, he leads him forward with his shoulder connection, hips but also his mind, as his other hand nonchalantly leads the way.


There is discomfort on the face of Uke, as clearly his arm is over extended and feeling most likely very vulnerable.


Soke has Uke in a tough place, he is leading him forward with the shoulder/arm, yet bringing up his other hand as though for atemi, causing a backward reflex reaction into the pain against Uke’s will to do so.


Taking advantage of the movement of Uke forward and back and forward again, he easily throws him forward.


There is so much inside of all that we see, that is hard to describe. The subtle movements of Soke, sometimes can be seen on the faces of the Ukes or the body reaction of Uke. Soke isn’t seen doing much.


And even here, Uke looks to be in pain, as Soke so controls his body and continues to control the mind.


And all this inside this sequence is why I continue to train. To develop deeper that subtle connection to body, and the no visible controlling of the mind.




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  • Shelia,
    Thank you so very much for this look into the living Taijutsu that Hatsumi Sensei shares with all of us. This is excellent! Your work and understanding of the life within the Tiajutsu is extraordinary!
    Thanks again for sharing!
    Warmest regards
    Bob Louden

    • Sheila Haddad

      Thank you Bob. Appreciate your kind words.

  • Stephen May

    nice photographic catch of the sequence. nice study work