In 2013, May 2013

Another Album Available

Thank you to Beate Proettel, who has donated over 300 buyu images of the Kunoichi Taikai Japan. It’s nice to have another perspective to round out the viewing of the event. You can find that Album directly here.
Below are a sample of images from that album. Remember you can right click and download any you would like to have.

If you missed the previous 3 Albums I posted, you can find them here, under the listing of all my Buyu albums.
In addition, she has also an album of images containing Soke Hatsumi showing techniques. You can find those here.

These are not for download, but can be purchased, either as prints or small, websize download versions.
I have many also from Soke, just still not have had time to process and post. Check back though…I will get to it!
Thanks for stopping by!!