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Cover of New Book

Cover of New Book

New Digital Book Available for iPad and Mac iBooks

I am happy to share that a new digital book is available on the iBookstore via iTunes is available.

Bujinkan Daikomyosai 2011


Bujinkan Daikomyosai 2011 event was held in Japan. This 3 day event took place in Shimizu Koen, a park in a town next to Noda. The first day was outside and because of weather, the other 2 days were inside. This photo book contains 428 images of Soke Masaaki Hatsumi teaching, as well as 278 images of the participants demonstrating their skills. All images are in interactive slideshow format, tapping and swiping gives you beautiful, vibrant, clear, full screen images. You will want to add this to your collection. There is no where else to get this many images of the event!


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