In 2015, February 2015

If you wander over to the Budo section and click on Bujinkan, you will find a lot of new Albums added to the Buyu Photo Gallery for 2014.

This time I have added several Albums that contain Hatsumi Soke. I hope you will enjoy. In addition I have added more Hatsumi photos here on my professional Photography site.

Have a look around, share and feel free to comment. I appreciate your support and feedback. A reminder that you can download any of the photos you find on the Buyu site. The professional site contains the commercial images for print or download as small files (at small cost as well).

In addition and what is fun this time, I have some images taken from Soke’s birthday party in December. I also have a couple of video clips of his singing. Makes me smile when I see them or watch the clips. Hope you do too.

A couple of images are here:

Soke and Jack Hoban

Soke and Jack Hoban


Video Clips Here


And another one….