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On My Way to Japan

Leaving Germany, after the heavy snow storm yesterday, only hoping that today will be an uneventful travel day. Hm, I’ll need patience, flexibility and lots to read possibly.
So far for the Kunoichi Taikai, there have been 145 women who have signed the “Who is Going” form on the website. I am hoping there are more who did not sign and are going. I have no idea how many men will show up, but it looks like the event could have 250 or more participants.
There are some international media outlets interested in covering the event, and doing some interviews. A Japanese journalist has taken an interest in the event, and organized not only the media, but possibly some ambassadors to attend some portion of it. It was not my intent to have all this publicity, and managed to keep it all at a minimum.

Johaniek Sulzberger and Elizabeth Scally have been invaluable for on the ground work there. They truly have organized all the details and seen them through. Doug Wilson has been instrumental in communications between Soke and the organizing team, and his support is phenomenal.
Now we shall see. I am very much looking forward to what Soke will be sharing. I’ll report along the way.

Thank you to those who are reading and supporting the Bujinkan Kunoichi.

Until next time….I have a few “Masaaki Hatsumi, A life in Pictures” books with me. It’s a great way to pick one up right away, and deal with shipping. So if you are in Japan, grab it, as I couldn’t bring too many.

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  • April Foret

    Thank you Sheila, you and your team did an excellent job. The enjoyment of my – first time – trip to Japan can be partly attributed to a fantastically planed Knoitchi Taikai and partly to the feeling of comradery that was present in all.

    —April Foret
    Louisiana, USA

  • Sheila Haddad

    Thank you so much April. I very much appreciate your feedback. A first time to Japan is an amazing experience in and of itself! 🙂