In 2012, August 2012

Book is Complete!!

The photo-biography book of Hatsumi Masaaki is complete. It is currently being printed, and I expect to have a few copies at the end of the August. I will be able to ship some orders at that time and the rest in October.

This is a collectors edition, limited quantity, very high quality, hard back, elegant book.

Shortly there will be a link to my web shop, you can pre-order/order the book there. Listed also are DVDs, my basic ukemi DVD (made solely to help those who find themselves getting hurt in the early stages of training) and the Kunoichi Taikai DVD.

You can pay via Paypal Express, with an account or without, via credit card. Again, it is not necessary to have a Paypal account to purchase items. Prices are posted in US$, as that is the only means I had to set up the shop. Currency conversion will show up on your statement.

I have uploaded a flip book of a couple pages per chapter of the book. You can view it here!!  Remember, you are viewing only a couple pages per chapter. The book contains  160 pages and 250 high quality photos. The hard cover is textured with gold image imprint. The gold side on the right with black imprinted calligraphy wraps around the back of the book in elegant gold. It flips over to open and close the book for more protection. Truly a master crafted collectors book.