In 2012, September 2012

Book Pricing Change October 1st

The pre-order price for the “Masaaki Hatsumi – A Life in Pictures” book will end at the end of September. If you know you want to order, then you might consider doing so before that date. All orders received now will ship after October 1st.

The current pre-order price of $95 US ends, and the normal price for the book will be $105 US. There are discounts for orders of 5 and 10 books, 10% and 15% respectively off those order amounts. Limited quantities, once gone, there will be no reprint.

Book Endorsements…

I received the book today! It is a master piece a collection item just wonderful.
Every Bujinkan practitioner should have this book in his collection. I can’t really call it a book as such it’s truly a collection item.

Johan Declercq

Wow. This book is an amazing piece of art. Just got a copy today of “Masaaki Hatsumi – A Life in Pictures” by Sheila Haddad. Thank you Sheila for a fantastic work you have put together. It contains a lot of phrases from Soke and some of absolute best photos I have ever seen of Soke through out his life. The detail with the magnets is so fine and reminds me of one of the feelings in Gyokko ryu.

Name withheld,  posted on Facebook