Have you thought about…

…what you would do if attacked? Have you pictured someone entering your house and you are alone or with your children? What would you do on a date with someone and he was talking to you in a way that you felt uncomfortable? What would you do if your child came running home from school telling you that someone was following him/her?

You are unlocking your house or car door and hear footsteps coming up behind you… your heart begins to pound, your breath gets shorter, you have a very bad feeling… do you know what to do?

Isn’t it time to take responsibility for yourself and if you have children, for them as well? We can’t rely on someone being there to take care of us. We won’t find the knight in shining armor riding on his horse coming to the rescue.

Here is a common scenario, “I had a funny feeling, but I didn’t say anything/slam the door in his face/leave the bar/party/ get out of the bus/train, because I was afraid of being rude.” Women and girls are targets because men think they are defenseless. If you speak up and take action for yourself, then you show them you are not a victim or a target. They will find someone else. Men also, are not immune to attacks.

What participants in effective self-protection programs describe after a course:

I feel more confident.

I know I am no longer a target.

I learned things I never thought of before.

I am much more aware.

I can identify when someone is manipulating the situation or me.

I can sense my intuition and trust it more often.

I know how to stand up for myself.

I discovered a power I didn’t believe I had.

I KNOW I am worth defending.

Learn to protect yourself and your family so you no longer wonder whether you can. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, feel a sense of achievement and project more confidence then check out this information. If you are feeling afraid, not sure you can take this on but want to be confident and secure with yourself, then you too will benefit from this information. Be empowered – power that is self-generated.

What you can do…

Listed are a variety of self protection courses. Any and all of them can be customized to meet the needs of a group, a business or school. In addition mother-daughters courses are available and have been very rewarding for the participants in the past.

These courses are held normally, in Heppenheim, Germany, but I have mats and can travel with them locally. I also travel internationally teaching these courses in locations where mats and appropriate equipment is available.

Instructor training courses are made by arrangement.