Intuition Development

You walked past the phone and thought of it ringing and at that moment it did. You felt something, turned to look, but nothing (or something) was there. Ever had these experiences? This workshop will bring you up to date on the latest research concerning intuition and subtle energies. The implications of these findings you won’t want to miss. We will combine our discussion with fun exercises for discovering our innate intuitive skills and developing ways to use them more deliberately.

Learn to access your bio-energy fields, discover the energetic sensations, textures, and patterns. Develop the ability to sense anothers. Through a series of exercises you will have the experience of your own bio-energy field and be able to interact with another’s.

A short lecture will cover some of the latest research in energy and biofields, to lay the background for our innate ability to “know”. The exercises will give you personal feedback or measurement if you will, regarding your own intuitive abilities as well as skills you can take home and practice or use in your own schools, training and life.

You will learn:

  • To sense your energy field
  • Access your bio-energy
  • Discover your unique way of reading energy
  • Develop and understand intuition
  • Use your intuitive knowledge more deliberately

As a result you:

  • Can sense danger before something serious happens
  • Avoid a detrimental confrontation
  • Protect yourself and your family
  • Read another’s intent
  • Develop the skill of a healing touch

This workshop is designed to bring awareness to subtle energies, and give you the knowledge of it’s varieties and uses. This is a skill, and as with any skill, it must be practiced and used to be effective.