This course validates and addresses women’s issues, everything from self-esteem to reality of the workforce to physical ability.

It just makes sense. No on should be unprepared. I was a little scared to take the course, but it is scarier to walk around without the knowledge that I have from today. Thanks!!

It is worthwhile even though it may be nerve-wracking and requires courage to face the fears involved in women’s self defense.

It is really helpful to do it [this course]-also if you do it just once and that it is not just about physically fighting but about psychological strategies.

It is a great course for women. I wish my daughter would come too.

It is worth your time.

Could be life saving! Invaluable. Every female should take this course.

It’s a great possibility to develop the warrior in you. Just do it!

I learned about my inner warrior and to be decisive, less timid and weak.

I learned to stand up for myself in everyday situations and have built more inner strength.

It is absolutely necessary for every woman to take a course like this!

I have learned to say no. And that knowing what others think of you doesn’t matter.

I am taking home with me after this course, knowing I can stand up for myself both with my voice and my body.

I want others to know how good it is to learn how to defend yourself and that you CAN.

Asserting my voice..it’s a good feeling to practice using my voice aggressively in a safe place.

This course exceeded the stated objectives!

Sheila tested us when we needed it and was soft when necessary.

This course is very much worth going to.

I am taking home with me empowerment-inner strength I didn’t know I have and confidence.

This should be taught to all young women in school.