Accessing Bio Energies

Learn to access your bio-energy fields, discover the energetic sensations, textures, and patterns. Develop the ability to sense others bio-fields. Through a series of exercises you will have the experience of your own bio-energy field and be able to interact with another’s.

Develop skill in finding the 14 meridians, or channels of energy on the body, learn acupressure skills for balancing the meridian energies, learn body scanning techniques and how to shield yourself. In addition you will learn meditations to strengthen your energy, and to disperse unwanted or excess energies.

You will learn:

  • The location and “feel” of the 14 meridians
  • Discover sensations and patterns of energies
  • Find what is your unique method of “reading” energies
  • Learn to scan the body and read what you sense
  • Disperse energy and not take on another’s energies
  • Meditations for strengthening your organ energies
  • Meditations for raising awareness

As a result you:

  • Can help balance energies in another for relaxation and de-stressing
  • Help yourself to relax and feel peaceful
  • Add new techniques and perspectives to your work