In 2014, April 2014

This year is flying by. I have been very busy with personal life activities, therefore I have not had the time to devote to some projects. Nevertheless, I have some accomplishments.

First, I now have a Digital Edition of the printed version of The Picture Book of the Kunoichi Training.

Digital Edition

Digital Edition

The description is as follows:

A five year project of photographing Bujinkan Kunoichi in outdoor training (3 seasons – Summer, Fall, Winter) as well as international seminars and training events. Contained within are 738 images, 17 videos all in elegant interactive gallery style. You will see women at the shooting range, crossing rope over rivers, building rope bridges, as well as straight Bujinkan martial art training. This book was created to celebrate women training in the martial arts!!

Check out a sample chapter. This edition is compatible for Macs with iBooks (must have latest OS), and on iPads. Other versions are in process.

You can order it here, via the iBookstore.

All you Android and Kindle users, I am continuing to work on producing an epub book for those platforms that has the same interactivity as this one does. It’s not so easy, but I am getting there!! Thank you for your patience.

I appreciate comments and reviews on the iBookstore. Thank you for those who have already purchased the 1st in the series of Bujinkan Photobooks.

More news in follow up posts!!