In 2012, April 2012

SALE!!!!! Kunoichi Taikai DVDS and


The DVD, for those who don’t have one, is a set of 3, over 200 minutes, with a fabulous menu for each day, so you can choose which class you would like to view. These are now going for 40 euros, including shipping. This is over 25% discount. Please consider one for your dojo, your instructor, your friends, yourself!! You can email me directly until we have the webpage updated.

Beige Size Medium only

T-Shirts are 12 euro includes shipping

Sweatshirts are 20 euro includes shipping

The t-shirts are now 12 and the sweatshirts are 20 euros. If you buy one of each, it is 30 all together and that all includes shipping, adding further discount. If you buy 8 or more shirts, they are 10 each. So please, help me to clear space in my house!!! Thanks so much. Email me with your order!!