In 2016, July 2016

Well, it’s summer again, time goes so fast, and I know I keep saying that. So much to share and I just don’t get around to writing about it.

The last post was about the training end of last year. So I have 6 months to catch you up on.

Many of you know Gillian and myself were invited to train a teaching team in Ghana in self defense. The organization is American Relief Centers, which partners with Rilla Relief. The mission is to bring relief to thousands of women and children who are abused or involved in violence in some way every day. So we went for 2 weeks in February. It was a tremendous success and I am happy to say that the Center has now opened another in the north of Ghana, outgrew it’s location and has 22 children that are being cared for in it’s Tema location. This is tremendous growth for a NGO that opened just last year. The self defense team has now trained hundreds of girls in schools in awareness of and taking action against abuse. I am so thrilled to have been a very small part of this. I will have a write up soon on my experiences there, along with pictures, of course. It was inspiring to say the least. I hope we will be back next year to add further training to both location teams.

You can find out more about the organization here. You can also find them on Facebook. There they have constant updates, pictures and videos.

When my paper is finished I will share it. There is really so much to share, our adventures, the sightseeing, the locals, the food! Maybe in the follow up posts I’ll share one aspect per post. Easier to read that way!

Next post though is my Death Valley National Park photography trip. Stay tuned and thank you for visiting!


The Headmistress and instructors after a school training.


Gillian with Kwame and Emmanuela.


A fight scene, training a police officer. I think I am losing!


Dorothy and Fred teaching at a school.


After training, women Police officers and Robyn, Gillian and I.


End of the first day of Policer officer training.