In 2012, November 2012

Update and Catch up News!!

It’s been a while…..

I have thought often about posting something, feeling more the pressure of not writing rather than having anything really to share. Now the time feels right to give any readers I may have, a catch up on the month of September. I have since been on a photo safari and leave shortly for Japan. Those updates will be posted later!

September was a busy and full month. The first week spent in BC Canada with good friends Shawn Grey from Japan and Morten Ostenstad from Norway. Dear friend Mike Smith from the Sunshine coast hosted us all, and arranged for a 2 day camping/ninja-games-in-the-woods (called Shugyosai, meaning hardship training) trip. That fun was followed up by a 2 day seminar at Whytecliff Park in Vancouver.

The gang!

Shawn resting,  we’re enjoying…

The games…ninjas vs samurai, no telling who won!!

By the campfire 😀

Morning has come!

This time Morten is resting….

Our fearless leader.

Do you think this looked like hardship training?

You can see all the photos from the week here:  Buyu Photogallery

And a few more from the weekend seminar:

Next up…..A Wedding Event!

One other major, personal family event was the wedding of my second daughter (the older being married already some years to Jeremiah Price). Although I keep my personal life rather personal I will share what a happy event it was, and being the biased Mom that I am, how beautiful. Here are a couple pictures from that time in September.

Sammy, Malia, Noelani – my daughters and son!

Malia and Matt First

Mother and daughers