In 2017, January 2017

Happy 2017! I haven’t posted in several months. Time keeps on. What have I been up to closing out 2016…

I have continued shooting a lot of sports here locally, and am part of MaxPreps CBS Interactive national pro photographers. Its been a lot of fun. You can see the galleries here if interested or curious :).

Many of you know I was in Japan in November and December, and have posted photos from the various classes with Soke that I attended. You can have a look here. And just to share a few pictures of the subtleties we experienced as well seeing Soke’s happiness, playfulness and good health, here are a few examples.

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I didn’t do much sightseeing this last trip, but of course, wherever I go, I take the camera. Here are just a few that capture the season and feeling of Japan. I have several galleries of Japan sights and scenes over the years. You can find them here.



Meiji Shrine


Over view of Tokyo from the Metropolitan Government Building in Tokyo


Meiji Shrine


Also Meiji Shrine gardens


And I was going to write a bit about a photography shoot in March of last in Death Valley, CA. I am not very good at all in keeping up with my social media life and blogging. I think for the most part people aren’t interested 🙂 but I will share a few pictures from that trip, and you can find the Death Valley images here. It was magnificent is all I can say. The pictures will speak for themselves 🙂



Look closely, you see a red clad hiker on the hill!! Gives you sense of perspective!


Night shot at Racetrack Playa and the sliding rocks!


Sand Dunes


Salt Flats after some rain a couple weeks previous



Milky Way shot from the Racetrack Playa

This is a very short update on some things I have been busy with last year. Next post will write about what I have planned so far for 2017. Thank you for reading and looking. Please always, feel free to leave a comment either here or on the photography site if you visit a gallery or two. A very happy new year to you all.