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My resolution for this year was to make sure I posted at least once a month. So thinking of what I can share for April, I thought I would share some photography projects. In January I was in California and photographed in the Eastern Sierras and also Death Valley. Here are some images from that trip.


Salt Flats in Death Valley


Tufas on Mono Lake


Sand Dunes in Death Valley


Tufas and sunset on Mono Lake


Sunrise on Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains

Photographers on top sand dune in Death Valley

Photographers on top sand dune in Death Valley


In between I have lots of opportunity to photograph the abundant wildlife here in Florida. Here are just a few ….

Sand Hill Crane and chick

Sand Hill Crane and chick

Pileated woodpecker

Pileated woodpecker


Great Horned Owl

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron





And to add to my sports portfolio, I took photos at a high school La Crosse game, Tampa Bay horse racing, and the Tampa Bay water ski team show!!


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And to end, I did some Still life playing with Light Painting. Light Painting of still life took place in a totally dark room, and using a very small light source, like a flashlight, painted light on the scene. It’s a hit and miss proposition, and good thing I am using digital, as it would have cost a lot in film 🙂

Thank you for looking and reading, and leave a comment! Always like to hear from you all!

Until next time, I am off to Germany and will share when I return!

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  • romi

    Lovely pictures!!!! You r a great photographer.

  • Rob Wilson

    Some fantastic images there,photography is an incredible method of capturing life and the lives we and others live.
    Regards from New Zealand.
    Rob Wilson – messenger of the winds – 🙂

    • Sheila Haddad

      Thanks for taking a look and commenting!

  • Chris Hanmer

    Beautiful work, Sheila…you are an amazing artist in so many ways!

  • Debbie Leung

    Gorgeous! I love seeing what you’re doing with photography.

    • Sheila Haddad

      Thank you Debbie, appreciate your comment!